Healing Sessions

Author: Robyn  

Robyn Stephen is a highly experienced & qualified intuitive energy and vibrational spiritual healer practising:                                         

Aura-Soma Colour Therapy (level 3),

BioptronR Light & Colour Therapy,

Reiki (Lvl 2),                                      

Spiritual Healing

Chakra Balance - cleansing and balancing the aura and the chakras using Aura Soma vibrational essences, sound,  crystals & light therapy.

Past / Parallel / Future  Life Healing.

Trauma Healing - both ancestral trauma and soul lineage trauma. 

When working with clients Robyn works directly with The Creator,  and the many great Beings of Light.  Using  Divine guidance to access the source of the issue - which can be anchored in this lifetime or a past, parallel or future life, often both or it can be inherited through our genetic files.  She  then  tailors the best possible treatment for each individual client, sometimes combining several healing modalities. Robyn acknowledges The Creator as the source of all healing, she is the instrument through which the energy flows.

Sessions offered are:

Spiritual Healing including other lifetimes - past, parallel and future
Ancestral Healing 
Chakra balancing using Aura-Soma, sound and light therapy
Bioptron Light Therapy sessions
Channelled Energy Healing with The Masters
Channelled Meditative Journeys to Inner and Outer Worlds.
Aura-Soma Consultations 45 mins or 1 hour
Healing sessions are $150 per hour and pro rata thereafter.