Author: Robyn   Date Posted:15 May 2022 


Solar System


The  Arrow of Change

An Online Talk by Dr Neil Hair

Thursday 19th May, 7 - 8.30pm


You're invited to join us for a free  online talk by Dr Neil Hair discussing the numerological and astrological influences which have been playing out during the last 2 years and the major beneficial planetary influences looking forward for the next 3 to 4 years from now and how these will profoundly affect the world and Australia.



The 2020-2022 period has been a testing time for individuals and nations on many fronts and significant cultural shifts have emerged from the socially isolating pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic. Juxtaposed to the pandemic crisis, major tensions have risen in relations between USA, Russia and China. In late November 2021, Russia and China accused USA of a Cold War mentality and warned against a conflict of ideologies. Prior to the Winter Olympics in Beijing opening on 4th February 2022, China and Russia declared their ongoing relationship commitment; then on 24th February Russia invaded Ukraine.

Against this backdrop of war, pandemic and political crisis, an astrological aspect described by French astrologer Andre Barbault in Planetary Cycles Mundane Astrology as the ‘most benefic configuration of the century‘ will soon embrace the world. Barbault says this harmonious configuration of outer planets could result in a ‘splendid relaunch of civilization’.  So despite the rising tensions between USA, China and Russia, and Russia’s illegal and barbaric war in Ukraine, astrology forecasts that war and international conflict are not congruent with the universal plan ... world-wide peace could even break out! 

In just over three years from July 2025 to February 2026, the world will experience the next Saturn-Neptune conjunction in the 36-year synodic cycle of these two planets in early Aries. Previous Saturn-Neptune conjunctions in the 20th century coincided with the emergence of communism in Russia in 1917; the division of Korea into Communist North and Democratic South following the Korean War in 1953; the crushing of protests in Beijing by the Communist government in June 1989, and the fall of the Berlin Wall dividing Germany into Democratic West and Communist East in November 1989.

The next Saturn-Neptune conjunction in Aries in 2025-26 potentially has more gravitas for the modern world than any of these three previous conjunctions (if that is possible), with harmonious aspects from the two transformers Pluto in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini in support. In August 2025, Mars in early degrees of Libra briefly engages the Saturn-Neptune conjunction in an auspicious kite formation, and could act as a trigger for the transformative action of this Pluto, Saturn-Neptune, Uranus configuration. 

In the 20th century, the focus of the Saturn-Neptune conjunction has been principally on communism, so the upcoming conjunction in 2025-26 could be perceived as energising the Chinese Communist Party’s vision to transform the world to its centrally controlled model. However, the positive and transformative quality of the August 2025 planetary alignment, then with Jupiter in July 2026, suggests the ‘helping hands’ of Pluto and Uranus will transform the status quo to embrace more freedom and democracy.

Australia is directly impacted by this extremely significant Pluto-Saturn-Neptune-Uranus configuration which makes close contacts to the nation’s nodal axis in early Sagittarius-Gemini in a positive and integrative way, suggesting a life-defining shift for Australia as the nation moves on from the past.

There will be an opportunity for you to ask Dr Hair questions relating to the talk if you wish.

This talk will be presented on Zoom on Thursday 19th May from 7pm to 8.30pm. For those people not familiar with Zoom you can download the Zoom app on to your phone, tablet or computer for free, just click here. If you are new to Zoom please download the app and familiarise yourself with it before the 19th.

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Dr Neil Hair is Principal of the Sydney School of Numerology and President of the Astrology AssociationDr Neil Hair of NSW. He teaches personal and business numerology courses and workshops, consults to individuals and businesses using numerology and astrology, and researches the destinies of nations. Neil’s original background is in chemistry and he taught at high school and university, before becoming a financial analyst, software designer and managing director of a software house. 

He began studying and researching numerology and astrology in 1981, teaching numerology from 1992, and established Sydney School of Numerology in 2000. Neil resumed teaching at a natural therapies college from 2006 to 2018, tutoring and lecturing in chemistry and biochemistry, and is fascinated by the overlap between science and spirituality. 

He is writing a book on numerology to document his research and practice of numerology over the past 35 years