Creating Balance & Harmony with Space Clearing

Author: Robyn  

Space clearing is about bringing balance and harmony to any area - a home, an office, a room, a garden and so on and there are many ways to do that. It's about clearing out any imbalance, any old stagnant energy and allowing new, clear energy to flow in, which in turn creates harmony and abundance.

Everyone can sense energy to some degree, you don't need to be an expert ! How does your home or office feel when you walk in ? Does it feel heavy, tense, depressed, agitated ? Or does it feel light, happy, peaceful ? If it doesn't feel light and peaceful there can be many reasons. There may have been a lot of arguments or stress in the space, someone may have been ill or died. Or there could have been an unpleasant visitor, any number of things can upset the balance and flow.

This is the first indicator, then notice how you feel after spending a little time in a room ? Do you feel happy and contented ?  Or do you feel angry, confused, tired ? Do you like spending time in this space or do you want to leave as soon as you can ?  This is an easy way to tell if a room or a space needs some attention energetically.

Here are a few suggestions on how to address any space that doesn't feel the way you would like it to:

  • First of all look at any clutter and simplify. Tidy up and organise or throw out what's no longer needed. Piles of "stuff" block the flow of energy.
  • Then physically clean - sweep or vacuum, get rid of any dust or dirt.
  • Then cleanse the energy.

There are a number of ways to do this so let's begin with some of the most common methods:

Smudging - is an ancient ceremony of using smoke usually from white sage to cleanse. It is a tradition associated primarily with Native Americans. Another popular alternative now is Palo Santo, a "holy wood" from a native tree which grows in Mexico, Venezuela and from the Yucatan peninsula to Peru. Palo Santo is considered "sacred" by the indigenous peoples of Central and South America. The smell of white sage and holy wood will remind you of the refreshing energy of nature.

Smudging has become very popular in our culture because the strong, pungent smoke clears old, stale energy very effectively.

How to smudge: Remove the yarn and break off as much of the smudgestick as you need. Place the sage leaves in a fire-proof dish or container partially filled with sand or salt. Light the sage, blow out the flame allowing it to smoulder, direct the smoke around your body or fill the space you wish to "clear" with the smoke. You may also use a feather or your hand to direct the smoke. When "clearing" a house, complete one room at a time. Close the windows and doors, temporarily disable the smoke alarm and fill the room with smoke and leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Then open the windows and let the smoke go out. Then move on to the next room. After all the clearing has been done, open all the doors and windows and air the home thoroughly.

Anytime that you are burning herbs it's very important to take care that none of the burning leaves or sparks land on the carpet, furnishings or clothes. Never leave burning herbs unattended and use water to make sure that they are completely extinguished when you're finished. We do not recommend walking around with a lit smudgestick in your hand - people have been known to set their furniture, bed clothes or carpet alight from falling embers.

Another alternative to using smudgesticks is incense. We have natural organic sage incense, Palo Santo, traditional Nag Champa incense along with a wide range of others.

There are also several sprays available for those who don't like or are unable to tolerate  smoke in their environment.
There are herbal sprays of Sage, Sage with Lavender and Palo Santo, as well as Light Me Up Cleansing Spray, our own proprietary blend of Aura-Soma and Erik's Essences which I use to cleanse the shop as well as all of the crystals. Light Me Up has no fragrance, it is purely vibrational.

There are many other ways to cleanse and energise a space and we will introduce more of those in our next blog.  In the meantime hopefully this answers some of the questions we get asked in the shop and gives some guidance to those just starting out.

with love & light,

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