Quantum Quattro Sphere

Quantum Quattro - Stone of Rebalance

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Quantum Quattro Sphere ex Peru,  size 55m in diameter, with keyholes.

Although the Quantum  Quattro combination stone has only recently come into crystal lore, its component parts are among the earliest known healing stones. It is a combination of Malachite, Smoky Quartz, Chrysocolla, Dioptase and Shattukite.  

Malachite has long been reputed to protect against evil spirits and it is an efficient cleansing stone as is Smoky Quartz.  Chrysocolla enhances personal power and conducts energy  as do Dioptase and Shattukite, which also amplify the aura.  All of these stones repair subtle DNA information, switching off genetically transmitted energetic codes for dis-ease. 

Quantum Quattro provides enormous protection for the soul. As with all synergistic stones, the power of the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. It emits a palpable energy field that harmonises the humany energy field to the quantum. This stone enhances your manifestation powers. 

Quantum Quattro reminds us that healing must not involve judgement, either of ourselves or others. Judgement, or feelings of superiority contaminates the healing process, lowering the vibrations of all concerned rather than creating equilibrium at a higher frequency.

Healing Power

Quantum Quattro works with the quantum field to rebalance and recalibrate, creating healing on multiple levels and dimensions. A master healer, the stone may aid virtually all conditions.  Crystal workers use it to regulate metabolic functioning  and repair subtle genetic programming.  At an emotional level, Quantum Quattro heals unresolved grief and psychosomatic  causes of dis-ease. It releases blocks to seeing clearly, hypnotic commands implanted in the present  or other  lifetimes, and karmic wounds and inner child issues. By drawing in unconditional love, it heals the pain of abandonment. 

This information is abridged from 101 Power Stones by Judy Hall.


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