Welcome to Heavenly Energies

Bringing in the Light

We are re-opening our store on Monday 11th October  at 10.30am ! 

Customers must be double-vaxxed, wear a mask, sanitise their hands & maintain social distance. 

Welcome back !


Heavenly Energies

~ the one and only crystal and rock shop in Willoughby ~


It is home to a stunning range of crystals and rocks of all shapes and sizes  and beautiful crystal jewellery set in Sterling Silver featuring gemstones of the finest quality.     

Both the crystals and the jewellery collection are sourced from all over the world  to bring you the very best.

Everything in our world resonates at a vibrational frequency and can therefore create harmony and balance or not. Our aim is to select stones not only for their innate beauty but also for their vibrational frequency, carefully selected to create harmony both in your being and in your environment - be it your home or workspace.

We also carry many other products to support you and your environment, all based on the principles of vibrational frequency creating balance and harmony - the Aura-Soma Colour System, Aromatherapy Oils and Diffusers, Vibrational Essences, Mouth-blown Glassware designed on the principles of Sacred Geometry, Angel and Archangel figurines in both resin and bronze, Egyptian figurines in bronze, along with books, CD's, DVD's, candles, dreamcatchers, suncatchers, greeting cards and incense to name just a few.  

We invite you to come to our beautiful store, to experience the energy for yourself  and allow us to assist you to select the items which will support you the most at this stage of your journey. If you are not able to visit our bricks and mortar store in person you might like to look at the virtual tour and many of the photographic images which are available on our Facebook page and also our Google business page.



 If there is something you need and you can't find it on the website, please email using the contact form  or phone 02 99679415  and we'll do our best to supply all your needs.

We are there for you.