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Heavenly Energies, healing centre and new age store on Sydney's North Shore.
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Store > Aura-Soma Colour Therapy > Equilibrium Bottle 41
Equilibrium Bottle 41

Equilibrium Bottle 41

Equilibrium 50ml Bottle 41
"Wisdom Bottle / El Dorado"
Gold over Gold

Wisdom realised and shared as the cup being continually filled from within overflows into the world.

Can help to refine the gold from our outer and inner being (conscious and subconscious) to expand the light of wisdom which can transform us. Refining the gold within ourselves involves the greater alchemical process of transforming our raw materials—our ‘base mettle’—into gold that our true wisdom may be revealed. In this way, we may connect with our true purpose: why we are here, what we are for and the way we are to do what we are here to do. There is a blessing as the cup overflows into the world when one fills it within oneself.

Item#: 1131

Price: A $ 59.50 AUD

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