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Workshops & Events

All of the following workshops and events will be held at Heavenly Energies shop and healing centre, located at 499 Willoughby Rd, Willoughby.

Please note: all evening events start promptly so please be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to start time


Connecting to the Light Meditation Eveningimage of heart light

Facilitated by Robyn Stephen, Lightworker

Wednesday 22nd November,  7 - 8.30pm, please arrive by 6.45pm as door closes promptly at 7pm.

I will be offering a group meditation once a month, where you are invited to come together to work and play in the Light.

Each meditation will be a different experience, working with the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters for healing and transformation so if this feels right for you, please join in.

The meditation will be approximately 1 hour in length, followed by time to share or discuss  your experience if you wish to.

There is no ongoing commitment required,  just book in when you are able to come. I do ask that you book so I can have the room set up beforehand.

pic of Robyn StephenRobyn Stephen is a certified intuitive energy and vibrational  healer practising & teaching Serenity Vibration Healing. She is also a qualified practitioner of Aura-Soma Colour Therapy, Reiki, Butterfly & Sea Essences and Liquid Crystals and several other modalities. More detailed information can be found on our    Practitioner page.

Cost $20, book & pay online (below) or email


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Palmistry Secrets Revealed

A Talk by Paul Fenton-Smith, Author, Palmist & Clairvoyant

Thursday 23rd November,  7 - 8.30pm


"Am I on the right career path for success?"  and  "How many love relationships will I have?"  are questions that are easily answered by looking at your hands.


Yes, the intricate network of lines and markings in the palms can reveal:

  • career changes and milestones
  • when love relationships begin
  • potential success in creative endeavours
  • health areas to be aware of

Author and palmist Paul Fenton-Smith is an enthusiastic guide on this brief tour of the hands. On this evening Paul will offer demonstrations with volunteers from the audience and there will be short breaks for selfies to be uploaded to Facebook and Instagram. "High-five everyone." 


Paul's new edition of Palmistry Revealed contains captivating photos with descriptive real-life examples from almost 40 years of hand analysis. Each person's hands are unique, like exclusive maps can help us identify the past influences in our life and the future directions and opportunities. Come along and find out what your hands are saying about your life !


Paul Fenton-Smith has been studying palmistry and reading hands since 1978 and is the author of ten books including a new edition of Palmistry Revealed.  Paul founded The Academy of Psychic Sciences in Sydney in 1985 where he teaches palmistry, tarot reading and psychic development.


Cost: a gold coin donation for charity at the door.  To reserve your place please email or phone 99679415.


Tarot Workshop

The Lessons & Gifts of the Major Arcana - Shaping Your Life Journey

Presented by Molly Talbot, Professional Tarot Teacher & Reader

Saturday 25th November, 9.30am - 4.30pm


Would you like to learn the Tarot?  Maybe you have some  understanding of the Tarot or want to expand your knowledge? Perhaps you work with other cards or would like to do regular readings?  Then this inspiring workshop is for you!  The Major Arcana represent different archetypes and are the most important cards in a reading.


The workshop includes:

  • Various processes to help you connect with the message of each Major card
  • Symbology, Astrology, Numerology and Colour to enhance your understanding of the   images
  • Readings with the emphasis on the Major Arcana.


Molly is an insightful teacher and reader whose long experience enhances the depth and quality of her work. Her philosophy is that learning should be fun and students enjoy her ability to break down a complex subject into simple steps. She is a Professional member of the Tarot Guild of Australia and the Association of Professional Astrologers. More about Molly can be found at


Cost: $150, a deposit of $40 is required to secure your place, the balance is payable before the workshop on the 25th. Payment can be made online below or call 99679415 to pay by credit card.



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Mission & Vision

One-Day Numerology Workshop

Presented by Dr Neil Hair

Saturday 2nd December, 9.30am to 5pm


This introductory one day workshop in Numerology is ideal for individuals who wish to learn more about numbers and their impact on everyday life.  It explores concepts of Life Mission and Personal Vision and shows how these major life themes, and also Personal Talents and Timing, can be accessed by Numerology.  The life of Dr. Edward Bach is used as an example and birth charts are interpreted for the group.


Workshop Content:

Session 1 
Introduction, Life Mission and Personal Vision
Construction of Personal Charts, Meanings of Numbers
Edward Bach's Life, Decoding our Life Mission


Session 2
Viewing the portrait of our Personal Vision
Soul and Personality as aspects of our Personal Vision
Heath and Well being by following the Soul


Session 3
Accessing Unique Personal Talents and Strengths
Timing along the Life Mission, Personal Year Cycles
Calculation of Personal Year, Interpretation


Session 4
Revisiting Life Mission and Personal Vision
The Ultimate Goals to a bridge to our Personal Vision
Pinnacles as further Signposts on the Journey and Vocational Indicators


Dr Neil Hair studied chemistry at Glasgow University and taught high school and university chemistry,  before becoming a financial analyst,  software designer and managing director of a software house in Sydney.


From 1980,  Neil also studied metaphysics, numerology, astrology and developed a holistic numerological model which assists individuals and businesses align to their path in life.  

Neil is president of the Astrology Association of NSW  and principal of the Sydney School of Numerology.   He teaches numerology courses and workshops,  consults to businesses and private individuals,  researches world news daily,  teaches chemistry and biochemistry at a natural therapies college in Sydney, and is passionate about the link between science and spirituality.


Cost: $180 on the day or $155 early-bird rate if paid in full by 25th  November.  To reserve your place please phone Robyn on 99679415 or book and pay online below.  For further information please contact Dr Neil Hair at or phone 94515752.


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