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Study Aids




It's getting close to those important exams and everyone getting a little bit anxious, so we thought it would be a good idea to offer some helpful tips.


Here are some suggested blends to cope with stress and facilitate study and sleep !  Remember, when using essential oils, less is more - essential oils can be very potent and it is not recommended to increase the quantities suggested.

Roman Chamomile Oil 3 drops
Geranium  Oil  3 drops
Mandarin OIl   5 drops
Lavender  Oil  5 drops


What to do:
Use this blend in a nightly bath for at least a week before exams; it will help keep the nerves under control.  If it's for a child, it's best not to mention "feeling nervous" but rather "helps to relax and feel good." 
Use 2 to 4 drops of this blend in each bath or put 2 drops on a face cloth and rub all over the body after a shower.


Grapefruit Oil
Lavender Oil

What to do:
On the morning of the exam put 2 drops of Graefruit Oil and 1 drop of Lavender Oil in the bath and then go for it !


Roman Chamomile Oil  2 drops
Geranium Oil   6 drops
Sandalwood Oil   4 drops
Lemon   3 drops 

What to do:
Use 6 drops of the blend in the bath  just before going to bed on the  eve of the exam, preferably listening to some nice relaxing music.
Then give yourself or even better, get someone to give you a massage with 5 drops  of this blend in a dessertspoon of vegetable oil suitable for massage.

Basil Oil

What to do:
Basil OIl is a tremendous help for concentration and "thinking straight."  Using it in an oil burner in a room or by simply inhaling it while studying before an exam will really help to keep you on the ball.
Put 1 drop on a tissue and sniff before and during the exam will give you a head start.

This information has been extracted from " The Fragrant Pharmacy" by  Valerie  Ann Worwood.

The Liquid Crystals 

The Liquid Crystals are a vibrational therapy based on the natural minerals of  earth;  they awaken and support harmony, health and balance on all levels of life. 

pic of Liquid Crystal Study remedySTUDY
Aids focus, memory and general mental capacity. Increased knowing. Contains the crystalline energies of Azurite, Clear Calcite, Emerald, Fluorite, Garnet, Petrified Wood  and Pyrite. $11.95.  For more information about The Liquid Crystals click here

DE-STRESS                                                                      Melts stress on all levels of being, provides support and calms panic. Contains the crystalline energies of Herkimer Diamond, Hematite, Black Onyx, Fluorite, Jasper, Kunzite & Petrified Wood, $11.95.  For more information about The Liquid Crystals click here.



Crystals have a powerful effect  on your mind, calming an overactive mind and stimulating a sluggish one. They promote concentration, focus and creativity.

pic of fluorite stonesFLUORITE
Fluorite is an effective stone to overcome any form of disorganisation. Fluorite draws off negative energies and stress, incorporating structure into daily life. An excellent learning aid, it increases concentration and promotes quick thinking and absorbing of new information.  This stone is also extremely effective against computer and electromagnetic stress when placed appropriately.

pic of amethyst point

Amethyst is the stone to use for a peaceful night's sleep if you are troubled by an overactive mind or by recurrent nightmares.  A natural tranqilliser, Amethyst calms the mind, improves your memory  and allows you to put aside your thoughts from the day.


pic of sodalite stonesSODALITE
Sodalite has a strong effect on the mind. It eliminates mental confusion and encourages rational thought and intuitive perception, opening your mind to receive new information. Also very calming - good for panic attacks, subconscious fears, internal conflict or night terrors.


pic of rose quartz stones

Rose Quartz is an exceptionally calming stone that supports you during emotional trauma or crisis giving you reassurance and a feeling of love.  It improves your ability to think and brings about mental clarity, encouraging your creativity.


Yellow Jasper is an excellent stone if you feel you need support and nurturing during stressful periods. It instils tranquillity  and has the added benefit of giving you tenacity  to overcome difficulties.


pic of aventurine stonesGREEN AVENTURINE
Green Aventurine prevents the over-production of adrenalin and reduces the feeling of being "wired."  It aids mental stress and works well in tandem with Rose Quartz.  It also stimulates your creativity and helps you to see alternative possibilities.


pic of bloodstone stonesBLOODSTONE
Bloodstone will keep your mind calm and focused during periods of mental stress and also support your immune system at the same time.  If your mind has been overworked, Bloodstone's revitalising properties are an excellent tonic. It reduces mental confusion,  imparts mental alertness and strengthens your ability to make decisions.  Keeping a Bloodstone in your pocket during examinations or other stressful situations keeps your mind calm and able to focus on finding solutions rather than focussing on the problem.

pic of clear quartz sphere

Clear Quartz focuses your concentration and unlocks memory. Holding a piece to your forehead for a few moments aids recall. It amplifies your thought power  and brings about positive solutions.


pic of carnelian stones

Carnelian sharpens your concentration and dispels mental lethargy.  It encorages your analytical abilities  and sharpens your perception. It attunes daydreamers to everyday reality, uniting logic and intuition.


This information has been extracted from "The Encyclopedia of Crystals" and
"Crystal Healing"  both by Judy Hall.



Music has been proven to help memorization, to help us retain information we have learned.  it has to do with order, symmetry, rhythmic patterns, repetition, ideal mathematical form and harmony.
Don Campbell is a recognised authority  on the transformational power of music  in health and education. He is a leading lecturer and consultant to healthcare organisations as well as corporations and parenting groups.

pic of Mozart CD Strengthen the Mind
Music for The Mozart Effect Volume 1 - Strengthen the Mind
This CD is the perfect prelude or accompaniment to learning, studying, reading or commuting to work. Use it to wake up, increase alertness, and for better focus and concentration. $29.95


Music for The Mozart Effect  Volume 4 - Focus and Clarity

This is a 2 volume programme designed to help anyone from student to CEO complete any demanding cognitive task. It's perfect for schoolwork including studying, writing papers or absorbing any written material. $39.95 


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