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Heavenly Energies Practitioners

To make an appointment with any of our practitioners or readers please call 02 9967 9415 to check availability.


picf of robyn stephenRobyn Stephen is a certified intuitive energy and vibrational healer practising:                                         

Aura-Soma Colour Therapy (level 3),

Butterfly & Sea Essences (Level 2)

BioptronR Light & Colour Therapy,

Liquid Crystals (Level 2),  

Reiki (Lvl 2),                                         

Spiritual Healing - cleansing and balancing the aura and the chakras using Aura Soma vibrational essences, sound and crystals, 

Past Life latest aura photo

When working with clients Robyn works directly with The Creator,  and the many great Beings of Light,  using  Divine guidance to access the source of the issue - which can be anchored in this lifetime or a past life, or sometimes both or it can be infherited through our genetic files. She  then  tailors the best possible treatment for each individual client, sometimes combining several healing modalities. Robyn acknowledges The Creator as the source of all healing, she is the instrument through which the energy flows.

The above photo on the right is Robyn's most recent aura photograph.


Testimonials: "It has been one of the most profound healings I have received." Linda, Newport.

"It is extraordinary how the dynamics at work have shifted. I can't thank you enough for the healing and the guidance you gave me. The dynamic at work has changed completely!  I can't even feel the old energy. The transformation is amazing." Nicki, Vaucluse

Sessions are available by appointment.


pic of gaye griffiths

Gaye Griffiths, Tarot Reader

Gaye is a very experienced Tarot reader, having read professionally for many years. It never ceases to amaze her with the way the  cards hone into each person's current situation and give guidance and clarity. Gaye has also studied related ,metaphysical subjects including astrology and numerology and she incorporates them into her readings.

Gaye  is available for readings on Friday from 11am, ( earlier readings can be arranged  by appointment). Readings can be 30 mins, 45 mins or 1 hour in length.  Please phone 99679415 to make an appointment.

Payment in cash is requested.

photo of Dr Neil Hair, numerologist and astrologer

Dr Neil Hair, principal of The Sydney School of Numerology. Neil became deeply involved in metaphysics in the in the early 80's, studying Eastern Philosophy, Numerology and Astrology and developed a numerological model which he uses to help individuals and businesses better align themselves to life goals through new levels of awareness. Neil conducts both astrology and numerology consultations or a combination of both and teaches numerology workshops at Heavenly Energies.  He is also a very popular speaker giving talks at significant times throughout the year, see the workshops and events page for details of his next workshop.

Neil graduated from Glasgow University witha B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Chemistry. His initial delvings into the structure of matter later developed into a life long study of individuals and their inter-relationships. Neil taught chemistry at secondary and tertiary levels, diverging into computing and finance as a consultant, financial analyst and software designer, and subsequently became Managing Director of a medium sized software house.  He brings this wealth of knowledge and life experience to his readings and workshops. Neil is available for personal and business consultations by appointment.

Read Neil's articles on

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