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Past Lives

This information was channelled from the Ascended Master Lord St. Germain in response to questions posed  by Robyn Stephen (1.1.2011)

Why are Past Lives important ? 

"Past Lives are important because time is an illusion - time is not linear aspic illustrating past, present, future most humans currently believe or indeed, even if  not a belief, if they are not thinking of time as linear, they continue to operate within this paradigm - their minds are always drawing on the past for reference, either consciously or unconsciously - always drawing on previous experience, whether from this life's experiences or from the distant past, as a guide for how to move forward and bringing with that, all of the baggage.  In fact, this thinking process acts as a stimulus, activating a whole lot of other baggage - the fears, the soul connections, the karma and much more  - in fact, all of the paraphernalia carried by the soul and the personality.  It is like a giant melting pot with a myriad of permutations which a human being can draw upon.  A part of this melting pot is all of the people in their life and those being drawn to them.  Souls work in groups - soul pods, if you like, and they assist  each other to grow. This can be in the form of a major concept such as love, freedom, unity etc  which then plays out in the relationships and events of their  life, giving them the opportunity to resolve karmic issues and so on.  This is a complex topic which we will not explore further here."

How do Past Lives occur ?

"We need to come back to Time. As we touched on before - time is not linear - this is a human concept. Time is in fact,  all happening pic of spiral of timesimultaneously. Try to think of  time as an infinite spiral rather than a line, then it is easier for the mind to grasp, and that is exactly what it is in fact, a spiral of consciousness. And then, think of what are called "Past Lives" as aspects of your soul's consciousness, having different experiences all at the same time, located  somewhere else on the spiral, with these experiences separated from your consciousness by veils, which are in place to keep you sane. Your minds could not process multiple experiences in different lives happening simultaneously if it were all conscious and remain sane, so it is necessary for these "veils" to be in place.   This is also the case with "parallel lives" with the only difference really, being that parallel lives are in the same space time continuum as you currently exist,  whereas past lives exist in another part of the spiral."

Why do they affect us now ?

"If you can allow yourself to accept that time is just a 3rd dimensional pic of cosmic spiralconstruct and that in the higher dimensions, there is no such thing as  time as you know it,  then it is easier to understand  that different aspects of "you" are having other experiences simultaneously  and that sometimes, the impact of these experiences can "ripple" through the veils that are in place to keep it all separated and can then impact you in your current life - at times, quite profoundly.

This is a complex subject so we hope you will understand that for this purpose, we are keeping the explanation relatively simple,

So, suffice to say, that everything that has ever happened and will ever happen to you, is recorded in the Akashic Records and your soul has access to that informationand the imprints of those events  in "other lives' are carried in your energy fields.  When there is an activation of that energy   from a stimulus from an event in your current life,  then it is going to play out  and  depending on your soul's purpose in this life and your personal circumstances, will determine which imprints will in fact be significant  and have the greatest impact on you."

How does this happen ?

"These imprints are like concentrations of  energy contained within your multidimensional beingness, which continue to attract more energy in an effort to resolve or "heal" itself - to undo the "knot"  or concentration of energy, so to speak.  So, it can be that events with a familiar theme occur  either with the same person/s in an effort to resolve it or similar situations or events present themselves over and over again in order for the soul to learn what it needs to learn  so the issue can be resolved. So it is that the same theme may recur over and over again, playing out in one's life (or lives) until balance is found.  The Universe and everyone and everything in it, is constantly seeking balance, so if there is too much of something the Universe will seek to release the excess in order to find equilibrium and vice versa.  This can and does occur over vast periods of  time as you know it, because "time"  is of no consequence to the Universe, it just is.

So, to come back to your original question - the soul's experience is one ofpic of soul in the light constantly trying / seeking to bring in the Light, to balance the darkness in order to fully return to The Light ( to be enlightened).  It is important to note here that darkness is not sinister or evil or something to be feared, it is really just an absence of Light.  Where there is Light, there is only Love and Harmony and where there is no Light, there is no Love, no Harmony - and so,  there is discord  and  friction. So when a human being finds themself in a state of  discord and/or  friction,  then the Light is missing.


pic of human energy field So, in an energetic sense, in that person's energy field or Light Body, there is an area of concentrated energy....... of density, where there is no or little, Light and these are the pockets of density referred to earlier, the "imprints."  By exploring these pockets of density, one can discover what created them  and by bringing in awareness and understanding - bringing in the Light - the blockage can be released, restoring a sense of Peace and Harmony.  This is in fact what happens when one does a "Past Life" healing."



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