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Past Life Healing

Sometimes the same themes or relationship issues play themself out over and over again and no matter how hard one tries, things never seem to change.

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Sometimes life just doesn't seem to make sense.

Sometimes these challenges in life have their source hundreds or even thousands of years ago - and that's somewhere most people never think to look !

Cleaning up these past life issues can often  have a dramatic effect on one's current life circumstances. 



Past Life issues can present as:

  • Worry and / or stress on the mental level - constant negative pic of servant womanthoughts, irrational fears, disturbed sleep patterns, nightmares.
  • Emotional stress - overwhelming or pervading feelings,  overwhelming emotions - anger, resentment, fear, sadness, judgement, - often these can be irrational or even  extreme, relationship difficulties.
  • Recurring challenging life themes.
  • Career issues.
  • Abundance issues.
  • Illness or disease on the physical level, unexplained pain.

On an energetic level, by discovering the source of this disharmony and by bringing in the Light (by healing) it is possible for the light body to release the "old" scars, which in turn allows the subtle bodies and the physical body to heal themselves and for balance to be restored.

What is the healing process ?

Robyn works closely with The Creator, Ascended Masters St Germain and Sananda and other great Beings of Light who guide her to the missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. In doing so, Robyn uses her "spiritual" ability to work on a multidimensional level, to cross through time and space, to discover what is the "seed" of the disharmony  in the client's current life.

Rather than using traditional past life therapy techniques  which often rely on the client's ability to discover the seed of the issue, which can in turn create it's own stress and can also limit the discovery process, Robyn works with  The Creator and Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron to show her the source of the issue.  Once this is discovered Robyn discusses her findings with the client and confirms their  relevance.  She then takes the client  into a deep state of relaxation and the Archangels escort Robyn and the client's  Divine Soul Essence to The Creator for the old energy to be transmuted and cleared

pic of roman soldier The Creator then replaces that event  with a "new" reality, which is placed into the client's soul records.  This "new" reality is always empowering and flows down through time creating  the most beneficial outcome for the client's current life circumstances.


No attempt is ever made to decide how this new reality should look - it is always left to The Creator to determine because He/She will always give us much more than we could ever imagine  possible or would even allow ourselves. 

The client is then restored back to their "now" reality  ready to take on life confidently once more.

Is one treatment sufficient ?

This depends on the issue. Every case is individual and unique and each session is complete in itself  with significant results to be expected and often bringing complete resolution. 

Sometimes however, if the issue is broader in nature or if there is a serious illness present, it can mean that the issue is multi-layered  and can require subsequent treatments - sometimes one needs to work through the layers. 

The client usually knows what they need and they will often choose to work on a goal or objective, having follow-up sessions to address subsequent insights or issues which reveal themselves only after  the upper layers have been peeled away.

The Past Life Standard Session is 60 to 90 minutes, cost $125/hr.


Extended Option:

Following on from the above session of clearing the past  and the  creationpic of atlantean temple of  a new reality,  the client is then etherically transported to an Archangelic Temple of Healing  in a higher dimension, where they will be met  and taken to their own private healing chamber  for an intensive energetic healing by the Archangel and their angels.  On completion of this healing the client will be restored back to their  now  reality and grounded.


While it is quite possible to easily function in the everyday world after one of these extended  treatments, it is recommended where possible  to give yourself some time afterwards to really savour this experience or perhaps record your experience in your journal, so if possible please try to book your appointment on a day off  or when you have nothing pressing to attend to afterwards.

The Past Life Extended Session is 2 hours, cost $250.

To read more about Past Lives and how they can affect us please go to channelled information page.

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