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by Dr Neil Hair

Personal Years are one of numerology's simplest  timing techniques, quick to calculate, easy to use and uncannily accurate. Personal  Years give guidance on the best direction to follow each Calendar Year and highlight the opportunities which will present themselves during the year.  If you follow the advice of your Personal Year, you will be better able to stay on track  each year and, by following the "right  action" it proposes, be well placed to derive the maximum benefit from the opportunities which arise.

Personal Years are calculated as follows:

Personal Year   =   Birth Day + Birth Month  + Calendar Year

For someone born on 24th March 1962, their Personal Year for 2010 = 2+4+3+2+0+1+0 = 12 = 3  (often written as 12/3), when the Calendar Year changes, the Personal Year advances by 1.  Personal Years run in cycles of 9 years and each Personal Year 1 denotes the beginning of a new cycle, whereas Personal Year 9 marks the completion of a 9 year evolutionary cycle.

If you have been taking advantage of the growth opportunities afforded by the Personal Year cycles, you will be aware of your advancement when you compare the current cycle with previous cycles.  Conversely, if you feel you've been going around in circles, from cycle to cycle, as if on the same old merry-go-round, then it may be time to get off the roundabout to "advance your story" ! 

Particularly, look out for years when your Personal Year is the same as  your Life Path = Birth Day  + Birth Month  +  Birth Year.  Your Life Path gives guidance on the right path and general direction for life and when Personal Year and Life Path match exactly, this is a very important year which helps you get back on track, as the emphasis of the Personal Year is aligned to your whole life direction. The meaning of each Life Path is essentially as for the corresponding Personal Year, except that the guiding influence lasts for a lifetime.  Below are brief interpretations of the potential held in each Personal Year:

Personal Year  -  Interpretation

1.   A year for new beginnings, be seen in a new light, take action, move life's story forward, be bold and pioneering, now is the time for you.

2.   A year for receptivity,  allow  the fruits of past labours to come to you, be sensitive to other peoples'  needs, if  11 / 2 align to others of like mind.

3.   A year to  create and be expressive, have fun and enjoy life, be the child, put energy into arts and music, write a book, follow your passion.

4.  A year to work and plan, build foundations at all levels including material, follow through what you start; committment, effort and perseverance is the key. 

5.  A year to expand to new horizons, change direction, communicate and travel, variety adds the spice to life, now us the time to step out of your comfort zone.

6.  A year to settle down, be responsible, focus on love relationships, devote yourself to  family, be in harmony with life around you, take up art or design.

7.  A year to look within, take up study, be at peace close to nature, observe and  understand the inner workings of life, reflect on your strategy for Personal Year 8.

8.  A year to be in charge, be an authority figure, master the material world, also be master of yourself, focus on abundance and putting your finances in order.

9.  A year for letting go, release old patterns, give selflessly, open your heart, open yourself to the world, prepare for new beginnings in Personal Year 1.

© Copyright 2001-2010  Dr Neil Hair

Neil is principal of the Sydney School of  Numerology  and teaches courses and specialist  workshops in numerology and astrology. Neil consults to individuals and businesses to help facilitate personal and business growth.

Neil is available for personal numerology and astrology readings at Heavenly Energies by appointment. To arrange an appointment please phone +61 2 99679415 or email

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