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by Dr Neil Hair

Within each Personal Year there operates a Personal Month cycle which guides and directs the best course of action in a particular calendar month. Before calculating your Personal Month, first calculate your Personal Year for the current Calendar Year. The example given below is based on Year 2010 to illustrate the technique, however, Personal Month interpretations for September are valid for any Calendar Year. Personal Months are calculated as follows:

Personal Month = Personal Year + Calendar Month

September is a particularly important month in the cycle of Personal Months as it represents the completion (9th calendar month) of a nine month cycle which began in January (1st calendar month). For each Personal Year, September brings to culmination the event cycle of the previous nine months and may intensify the underlying "vibration" of the Personal Year as adding 9 often does. Your Personal Month number in September is identical to the number of your entire Personal Year !  The month of October which follows represents a new beginning (10th calendar month) in the cycle of months, and is a time to plan ahead for the following year.

For someone born on 24th March 1962, their Personal Month for September 2010 =  3 + 9 = 12 = 3. The meaning of each Personal Month is essentially as for the corresponding Personal Year, except that the guiding influence lasts for a shorter time period. The "root" of the Personal Month 3, coming from 3 and 9, is also important and adds extra detail to the interpretation of this Personal Month 3. The month of September is a period to be creative and expressive, be passionate in everything you do. The 3 and 9 influence leading to 3 suggests  you may attract and magnetise people to you, whom you can inspire with your joyful expression,and this may lead to a new work focus in Personal Month 4 to come.

Personal Month -  Interpretation

1  (PY 1+9)       A month to evolve and move forward boldly, first returning to "home base" to reconnect with the past, release old patterns, then set out afresh on a new journey. Take care to not simply move around in circles, rather advance in an ever evolving spiral. Tune into natural cycles, for example, be guided by the phases of the moon. A good time for circular trips, perhaps around the world or just locally.  Take the lead in a compassionate way. Be one (1) with the universe (9).

2  (PY 2+9)     A month to go with the flow, drift on a meandering stream, always open to the surprises and inspiration that life can bring when 2 and 9 are around. Tune into the feminine this month, be nurturing and compassionate. Dance, sing and be musical, go to the movies and be open to messages they may hold for you. Try your hand at photography or film-making, if the mood takes you. Record your dreams and try to capture the essence of the Goddess in this flowing Personal Month  2  (11).

3  (PY 3 + 9)     A month to be bubbly and joyful, allow your natural charisma, passion and sex appeal to shine through. Try your hand at anything creative that you've always wanted to do, just  allow the universal energy to flow through you and go for it.  A good month for fun, love and relationship.  Allow yourself some free time to play the child in a positive, creative and expressive way. Be open hearted and your sunlight will beam out  to others around you and brighten their day.

(PY 4+9)        A month to plan  for the future, focus on creating your own security and designing your " master plan."   Perhaps fulfil a long held ambition to own, design or build your own home. Or take charge in creating a secure roof  over your head, and for others too.  Work hard and apply your energy efficiently and fruitfully.  This is a time to lay firm foundations for the future, also to work compassionately  for the good of others.

5  (PY 5+9)    A month to communicate, speak your truth, don't hold back  on things that need to be said. This is the opportunity  you've been waiting for to get your message across. Don't talk trivialities, always look for the bigger picture and deeper meaning in life.  Attend a course  in philosophy, learn about foreign cultures and perhaps travel there to broaden your perspective. Open a channel to the universe as it may be trying to talk to you.

6  (PY 6+9)  A month to simply love your fellow humans, be of service, be humble and spread your love around the community. Open your heart and personal love is sure to find you. When you are actively caring for others, whether  in your own family or the larger family of humanity, then you are on the right track. Love and more love is where it's at  Make time for beauty and relationship, and spend time with your personal family too.

7 (PY 7+9)  A month to look deeply within, take time to consider your life, contemplate and meditate, delve into the mind and the psyche, perhaps in a country setting or in the peacefulness of nature. Study life from a deeper psychological perspective or take up a course of spiritual development. A time for intense introspection, wonderful for study and research, also for scrutinising the bottom line in your financial accounts!

8  (PY 8+9)  A month to be in charge yet do it with universal love. Involve yourself in financial affairs and even if not a CEO in business, be one now wherever you have influence. This is an excellent time to direct others, but do it with heart and compassion and lead from the courage of your own convictions. Trust in your inner source of faith and belief and answers will be there for you. Strength and positive will power at all times is the key.

9 (PY 9+9)  A month to love your fellow humans, tune into the needs of humanity. What can you do from your heart to help and heal the hurts and wrongs you perceive ? Compassionately reflect to others the patterns they hold inside, to shine a light on the impact of their ways. And in your own life too, release a few outmoded ways.  If an opportunity presents, go travelling in the world at large and connect with the universal flow. Above all, heal others by giving love, and then some more.

© Copyright 2001 - 2010 Dr Neil Hair.

Neil is principal of the Sydney School of Numerology and teaches courses and specialist workshops in numerology and astrology. Neil consults to individuals and businesses to help facilitate personal and business growth.

Neil is available for personal  numerology and astrology readings  at Heavenly Energies by appointment. To arrange an appointment  please phone +612 99679415  or email

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