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by Dr Neil Hair

Within each Personal Year there operates a Personal Month cycle which guides and directs the best course of action in a particular calendar month. Before calculating your Personal Month, first calculate your Personal Year for the current Calendar Year. The example given below is based on Year 2010 to illustrate the technique, however, Personal Month interpretations for October are valid for any Calendar Year. Personal Months are calculated as follows:

          Personal Month  =  Personal Year  +  Calendar Month

October is a particularly important month in the cycle of Personal Months as it represents a new beginning (10th calendar month) from a more aware perspective, following the completion of a nine month cycle in September. For each Personal Year, October marks the beginning of a 3-month event cycle lasting till December which operates within the context of the current Personal Year. Your Personal Month in October will correspond to your Personal Year for the Calendar year ahead, giving you a glimpse of future opportunities!

For someone born on 24th March 1962, their Personal Month for October 2010 = 3 + (1 + 0) = 4, which mirrors their Personal Year for the year ahead. Dur to this equivalence, October is an excellent time to project forward to the next calendar year. In October, plan ahead and actively do what you wish to be in your Personal Year; setting the intention seems to help. The meaning of each Personal Month is essentially as for the corresponding future Personal Year, except that the guiding influence lasts for a shorter time period. The "root" of the Personal Month 4, coming from 3 and 1, is also important and adds extra detail to the interpretation of this Personal Month 4. The month of October is a period to be productive and to demonstrate commitment to your own ideas. The influence of 3 and 1 leading to 4 suggests original ideas can be manifested into something of value, and if followed through with drive and energy may lead to a new way of working in the Personal Year to follow.

Personal Month       -       Interpretation         

(PY 1 + 1)          A month to tune into inspirational realms, awaken others with your thoughts and listen for ideas that may light the way ahead next year. Share time with others of like mine and devote time to that special 1 to 1 relationship, perhaps between father and son. A good time for technology and computers and for cooperation  with someone who inspires you. Together you may invent something quite brilliant and innovative.

3 (PY 2 + 1)          A month to enjoy, have fun, be the child, be expressive and creative, relate with the opposite sex and perhaps enter a new relationship. Now is a good time to take the initiative in this more passive, supportive Personal Year 2. Also devote time to balancing your own masculine and feminine; and to blending your rational vs. intuitive perspective, which translates to integrating left and right brain perhaps through words and images.

4 (PY 3 + 1)          A month to apply yourself to building foundations, be productive and see through all that you start. Now is the time to take the initiative and be constructive with creative ideas you've had this year. Start a new project and energise it to bring it to fruition, nurture it like a young seed plant, allow it to take root and then water it so it will flower beautifully. This is also a good time to put down roots and plan for the future.

5 (PY 4 + 1)          A month to consider a change of plan, perhaps a new direction will appear spontaneously, or your own initiative frees you from the hard working constraints of Personal Year 4. Now you can envision where the next stage of your plan lies. If the path appears blocked, seek subtle solutions which gently move around the problem rather than creating head-on confrontations. Blocks you perceive may be less solid than you think.

6 (PY 5 + 1)          A month to focus on relationship and family, perhaps to beautify  the home and seek greater harmony. Don't be shy about some healthy competition between friends or even lovers, nor be reticent about raising issues which must be confronted to restore peace. Resolve conflicts in your life, be assertive in your communication but always in pursuit of peace and harmony. If you have some ideas to market to others, go for it now.

7 (PY 6 + 1)          A month to stand back, observe, research, spend time by yourself, but maintain a fine balance of time for others. Withdraw to consider issues, then rejoin the company of others and share your insights. Lone contemplation and engagement with others will bring wise judgements. Study and research is an ideal focus this month, as is taking a peaceful break in the country, perhaps to enjoy nature or to edit that book you've written.

8 (PY 7 + 1)          A month to be strong and stand tall. Follow your own beliefs and ethics and don't be dissuaded from them. There is enormous strength within you, if you stand by your values. Take charge if the situation arises, but be prepared to forge your own path. Make judgements from the inner source of your being and be true to self. Act on decisions which call for a unique inner strength and will power to see them through. Be closer to God.

9 (PY 8 + 1)          A month to be bold, "on stage", positive, optimistic and courageous. Lead others with charisma; be "king" or "queen" of the gods and throw a few thunderbolts if need be! Be generous and give of yourself to others in this powerfully positive month. Connect to whatever the universe is doing, travel overseas if an opportunity presents or broaden your mind and horizons in other ways. Be open to "teachers" coming into your sphere.

1 (PY 9 + 1)          A month to emerge from this Personal Year 9 of completion, release the past and move forward. Now is the time to come forth again, pushing out on a new journey, creating a new curve in the upward spiral of evolution. Perhaps travel the world, involve yourself as a leader in affairs of universal importance, or simply take the lead for the good of others. Become conscious of the rhythm of natural cycles, perhaps buy yourself a Moon Calendar and tune into the cycles of the Moon.

© Copyright 2001-2010 Dr Neil Hair

Neil is principal of the Sydney School of Numerology and teaches courses and specialist workshops in numerology and astrology. Neil consults to individuals and businesses to help facilitate personal and business growth.

Neil is available for  personal numerology and  astrology readings at Heavenly Energies by appointment.  To arrange an appointment please phone +61299679415 or email

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