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                 by Dr Neil Hair                   

Within each Personal Year there operates a Personal Month cycle which guides and directs the best course of action in a particular calendar month. Before calculating your Personal Month, first calculate your Personal Year for the current Calendar Year. The example given below is based on Year 2010 to illustrate the technique, however, Personal Month interpretations for June are valid for any Calendar Year. Personal Months are calculated as follows:     

         Personal Month = Personal Year + Calendar Month

For someone born on 24th March 1962, their Personal Month for June 2010   = 3 + 6 = 9.  The meaning of each Personal Month is essentially as for the corresponding Personal Year, except that the guiding influence lasts for a shorter time period.  The "root" of the Personal Month 9, coming from 3 and 6, is also important and adds extra detail to the interpretation of this Personal Month 9.    The month of June is a period to open the heart and let go while preparing for a new beginning in July. The 3 and the 6 influence leading to 9 also suggests that opportunities for creative expression, "shining on stage"  may be involved, which may lead to a new course of action in Personal  Month 1. 

                                                                                                                                            Personal Month  -   Interpretation

[PY1 + 6]   A month to balance out the self-driven nature of your Personal Year 1. Balance time for self with time for others, involve yourself and consider their positions. Take a break to make your own decisions, then rejoin the crowd and share your insight. Move between these two states and observe the wisdom in your judgements. Study and research form an ideal focus this month, as can a peaceful break in the country to enjoy your own quiet space. 

8  [PY2 + 6]    A month to be in charge, play the "father" role. Take on responsibilities and be head of the family at home or at work. This is a good month to show off your directing and coordination skills. Use sensitivity and love to guide others while still maintaining a strong sense and image of authority. Spend time at home with your partner, family and children so you can be supportive of their goals and aspirations in life, yet also help to provide direction.  

9  (PY3 + 6)   A month to be the shining light on someone's stage whether at work, home or play. Be creative, have fun and share this joyful energy with others. play yourself with panache and charisma, or you may instead find yourself starring in your own personal soapie !  Open your heart and beam forth your love to others, don't let them say no. This is a good time to let go, clear out old patterns or situations which are well past their "use by" date. 

1  (PY4 + 6)   A month to present a classy new image, turn your focus to quality and professionalism and be leading and innovative in the plans you fashion. Always be aware of the impression you create with others, make sure you look good, well styled and well dressed. If you have always wanted to take up fashion, interior or home design, the month of June is a good time to get moving on this. Try out some new designs in this month of action and new beginnings. 

(PY5 + 6)   A month to calm the fast moving pace of Personal Year 5. Rest long enough in one place to take in the view and gain the insight it offers before moving to some new position or vantage point. Be supportive and flexible in your approach, harmonise to changing circumstances and allow things to come to you. Put on a new "face" to suit each situation you encounter. Be a chameleon this month and inspire others with your refreshingly new point of view.    

3  (PY6 +6)   A month to be creative and expressive, however, before having fun you must first get the hard work out of the way. Take care of your family, relationships and earthly responsibilities. Direct positive energy towards Mother Nature and do what you can to conserve the environment. Take a strong stance on issues and be prepared to "teach" others if need be. Set well defined boundaries and don't be afraid to say "no" if events are not in tune with your values.

(PY7 + 6)   A  month to apply yourself to tasks constructively and keep a well grounded focus. Take the opportunity to fly high in the mind, but always try to ground your ideas in a practical way. Seek ways of manifesting this inspiration and higher knowledge into beautiful form, perhaps through artwork to raise the spirit of others. This is an ideal month to study astrology or other spiritual systems and to form associations with those of like mind who share your spiritual aspirations. 

5   (PY8 +6)   A month to guide and lovingly support yourself towards a new found expression of freedom and independance. be a mentor for others, cast off any traditional parental feeling of "maintaining control" and instead facilitate a path to freedom. Also honour your commitment to relationship as a path to individual freedom. Manage your personal, family and business relationships in a way that creates new space and freedom to move and breathe.

6   (PY9 + 6)    A month to simply love fellow humans, be of service to them, be humble and think of others, spread your love around the world and the community. Open your heart and personal love will find you. When you are caring for others, whether they are in your own personal family or the family of humanity, then you are right on track. Love and still more love is where it's at this month. The universe will appreciate and acknowledge your loving service to others

@ Copyright 2001-2010 Dr Neil Hair

Neil is principal of the Sydney School of Numerology and teaches courses and specialist workshops in numerology and astrology. Neil consults to individuals and businesses to help facilitate personal and business growth.

Neil is available for personal numerology and astrology readings at Heavenly Energies by appointment. To arrange an appointment please phone +61 2 99679415  or email

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