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by Dr Neil Hair

Within each Personal Year there operates a Personal Month cycle which guides and directs the best course of action in a particular calendar month. Before calculating your Personal Month, first calculate your Personal Year for the current Calendar Year. The example given below is based on Year 2010 to illustrate the technique, however, Personal Month interpretations for July are valid for any Calendar Year. Personal Months are calculated as follows:

Personal Month = Personal Year + Calendar Month

For someone born on 24th March 1962, their  Personal Month for July 2010 =3 + 7 = 10/1. The meaning of each Personal Month is essentially  as for the corresponding  Personal Year, except that the guiding influence lasts for a shorter time period. The "root" of the Personal Month 1, coming from 3 and 7, is also important and adds extra detail to the interpretation of this Personal Month 1. The month of July is a period to forge a new pathway and establish yourself in your own right. The 3 and 7 influence leading to 1 also suggests that trusting your own ideas, believing in their uniqueness is a pathway which may lead to collaboration with others of like mind in Personal Month 2.

Personal Month  -   Interpretation

8 (PY1 + 7)              A month to be strong and stand tall. Follow your own beliefs and don't be dissuaded from them as there is enormous strength within. Take charge if the opportunity arises, but be prepared to forge your own path if the need arises. Make ethical judgements from the inner source of your being. Act on the important decisions that require a unique inner strength, courage and will power to see them through. Be close to God in this Personal Month 8 (17).

9  (PY2 + 7)               A month to let go and observe your emotions in this sensitive  Personal Year 2.    Balance mind and emotions, meditate and contemplate the Divine.  Purify and transform your emotional being through a detached examination in the mind. Complete and release old patterns from the past and prepare to emerge reborn in Personal Month 1.  Reappraise your self valuation and reflect on parallels to your monetary situation.  Bank rather than spend, unless value is there. 

(PY3 + 7)              A month to review and refine your creative ideas, dream up innovative concepts, examine new ideas and bring forth ground-breaking thoughts. Present yourself in a fresh light to others and set a bold new course. This is the ideal time in your Personal Year 3 for a new beginning, following the completion and letting go of Personal Month 9.  Be prepared to go it alone,  but if others wish to follow, lead them into  the light with your brilliant, spiritually-focused ideas.

2  (PY4 +7)              A month to bring a spiritual focus to the mundane toil of Personal Year 4.  Tap into inspiration, yet take care to nurture and guide your ideas to fruition, so you may create  the outcomes you intend.  While seeking out others of like mind in this Personal Month 2 (11), direct all your efforts into sensitive support.  A good time to analyse and reflect on the concrete reality of this hard working Personal Year 4. Be prepared for the unexpected to jazz up your routine !

3  (PY5 + 7)            A month to have fun as you seek to bring new ideas and new people into your life. Be spontaneous like a child, look for the joy in all new experience like an eager student ever willing to learn. Do a fun course or workshop, contemplate new ways of being and involve yourself in a spiritual or deep and meaningful conversation. Give yourself the precious gift of time to journey into nature, experience the stillness and tune into wonders the universe has to offer.

4  (PY67)          A month to apply yourself to  tasks constructively and maintain a well grounded focus. Yet fly high in the mind and bring your ideas back to earth in a practical way.  Seek ways to clothe this inspiration and spiritual knowledge in harmonious form, perhaps through art or healing the spirits of others.  This is an ideal month to  study astrology   or other spiritual disciplines and form associations with friends of like mind who share your spiritual aspirations.

5  (PY7 + 7)        A month to make progress on your spiritual path, everywhere you go is part of this spiritual adventure.  Journey into the peace and quiet of nature, take time out to communicate with others on a deep spiritual level, take up some research or study. Journeys this month provide an energising change to a quietly introspective Personal Year 7. Be busy in this Personal Month 5, but always look deeply as your motivation comes from an inner spiritual source. 

6  (PY8 + 7)          A month to bring a spiritual dimension to the material world and merge your personal journey with the day to day business of life.  Give time to your relationships  and family.  If need be confront issues from a deeply spiritual yet materially aware perspective to create a greater sense of harmony. Seek to balance what is yours to freely choose, with what seems destined for you.  If time permits, be involved in the arts as creator, organiser or even spectator.

7 (PY9 + 7)         A month to look deeply within, take time out to consider your life, to contemplate and meditate, delve into your mind and psyche, perhaps in a quiet country setting or in the stillness of nature. Observe, study life from a deeper perspective , perhaps take up  a course of spiritual or psychic development.  A time for intense introspection, wonderful for study and research, and also a perfect  time to scrutinise the bottom line of your financial accounts !

© Copyright    2001-2010 Dr Neil Hair

Neil is principal of The Sydney School of Numerology and teaches courses and specialist workshops in numerology and astrology. Neil consults to individuals and businesses to help facilitate personal and business growth.

Neil is available for personal numerology and astrology readings  at Heavenly Energies by appointment. To arrange an appointment  please phone +61 2 99679415 or email

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