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by Dr Neil Hair

Within each Personal Year there operates a Personal Month cycle which guides and directs the best course of action in a particular calendar month. Before calculating your Personal Month, first calculate your Personal Year for the current Calendar Year. The example given below is based on Year 2010 to illustrate the technique, however, Personal Month interpretations for August are valid for any Calendar Year. Personal Months are calculated as follows:

Personal Month = Personal Year + Calendar Month

For someone born on 24th March 1962, their Personal Month for August 2010 = 3 + 8 = 11 = 2. The meaning of each Personal Month is essentially as for the corresponding Personal Year, except that the guiding influence lasts for a shorter time period. The "root" of the Personal Month 2 (11), coming from 3 and 8, is also important and adds extra detail to the interpretation of this Personal Month 2 (11). The month of August is a period to be supportive, yet also to take charge and seek people of like mind for collaboration. The 3 and 8 influence leading to 11 = 2 suggests that opportunities for creative directing, organising others in an inspirational expressive way may be involved, which may lead to a new course of creative action in Personal Month 3.

Personal Month - Interpretaion 

9  (PY 1+8) A month to be bold and on stage, be positive, optimistic and courageous. Lead others with charisma, be "king" or "queen" of the gods and throw a few thunderbolts if need be. Be generous and give of your self and your directing skills to others in this powerfully positive month. Connect to whatever the universe is doing, travel overseas if the opportunity presents or broaden your mind and horizons in other ways.

1  (PY 2+8)      A month to clearly define your boundaries, make a statement of who you truly are. Claim your space, pull up your drawbridge if need be, but take care not to isolate yourself inside your castle by repelling all visitors. Focus on the small details of life which need administration. A good month to put energy into business affairs, getting your accounts in order, seeing your accountant, dealing with legal issues or signing contracts (but watch out for Mercury retrograde).

2  (PY 3+8)      A month to be in charge and still have fun. Become parent and child rolled into one. Inspire others with your creative directing and enjoy the buzz of coordinating everyone and everything in sight. Rise above the detail to gain a clearer perspective. Be supportive of others as well as being their source of inspiration. If you've ever thought you'd like to try your hand at directing a children's play or making a short film, this may be the ideal time.

3  (PY 4+8)      A month to be creative and expressive through adopting a structured approach. Trying pouring your ideas into a new format or framework you've designed. Be true to your values in all you do and learn to play by the rules of the game as they apply to your life and society. Define new "laws" for yourself and "play" within these new rules to create valuable and enjoyable outcomes. Don't forget to put constructive effort into creating fun and love in your personal life.

4  (PY 5+8)        A month to take charge of life's changes and define more effective rules to operate in your life. Take control where you feel overly flexible or malleable, and redefine a new rule set to create a more productive way of being. Your sense of security and stability will be enhanced by this redefinition. At times challenge the status quo in your surroundings and local community to create a better plan for all. Be authoritative iin your communication and lay down the law if required.

(PY 6+8)         A month to guide and lovingly support yourself towards a new found expression of freedom and independence. Also be a mentor for others, cast off traditional parental strategies of  "holding on" and instead facilitate a responsible path to freedom. Honour your commitment to  relationship as a path to individual freedom. Manage your responsibilities in personal, family and business relationships in a way that creates new space and freedom to move and breathe.

(PY 7+8)        A month to balance the material with the spiritual, overlap and integrate your business life with your personal journey. Give time to relationship and family and if need be confront issues  from a practical down-to-earth, yet equally spiritual, perspective to create a greater sense of harmony. Seek to balance what is yours to choose in life with what seems destined for you. If time permits, perhaps get involved in artistic endeavours as an organiser, creator or even spectator.

7  (PY 8+8)         A month to play Solomon and make wise decisions, exercising your power with great wisdom. Retire into your "chamber" to consider both sides of  an  argument presented to you in any situation, before making a decision. Be aware of the influence you hold in many spheres of life and judge others with sensitivity. Bring a spiritual focus to work and business, and wherever else you are regarded as an authority.

(PY 9+8)         A month to be in charge, involve yourself in financial affairs and if you aren't a CEO in business, be one now in whatever scene you have influence. This is an excellent time to direct others, but do it with heart and compassion and lead from the courage of your own convictions. Trust in your inner faith and the answers will be there. Strength and positive will power at all times is the key to the path you now follow.

©  Copyright 2001-2010 Dr Neil Hair

Neil is principal of the Sydney School of Numerology and teaches courses and specialist workshops in numerology and astrology. Neil consults to individuals and businesses to help facilitate personal and business growth. 

Neil is available for personal numerology and astrology readings  at Heavenly Energies by appointment.  To arrange an appointment please phone + 61 2 99679415  or email

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