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September 09 Oracle Reading 


The Power of Abundance - Red 6
pic of active empowerrment card
Note from the Authors

It is time to manifest heaven on earth with each and everyone of your actions. Employ the strength and purpose of your physical body in every action that you take, carry this forward with the full focus of your spiritual intent.  This is a time for magical opportunities to manifest physically for you.

Let go of control and surrender to receiving that which is offered at this time.

It is time to let go of the belief that you know better than the Universe what it is that you truly desire, at this point in time  your understanding of the bigger picture  is being viewed from a limited perspective. Over time the truth of why the current  opportunities are making themselves available  will become clear, in the meantime trust  in the actions and re-actions of your body to the physical world in which you live.

If you are experiencing scarcity in any form be aware of how this focuses your energy  and encourages you to take steps you would normally have prevaricated  over or at best postponed.  this is a time to be doing rather than simply being.

Your physical body is light made matter  and it has an intensity of purpose and wisdom  beyond the imaginings  of the mental body.  It is time for you to trust in  the purity of this form to  carry forward the gentleness of your spirit in a way that will  satisfy  the greatest of seekers.  Relax and enjoy.

Remember to care for your body as well as your soul, both are equal components of light  within the wholeness of your being.

With resonant action

Vicky  and Phil Argyle

Extracts from The Oracle of Illumination - a Manual for Manifestation


Short Interpretation

You are entering a period of  constructed balance and harmony, supported by  the wealth of manifestation. You are living the life that mirrors your  inner relationship with the abundance of this  material realm.  Is it working for you ?  If not, re-examine where your passions guide you and  act upon them.  As you release the need to struggle  for survival the natural abundance of life is yours. this is a new pattern of  prosperity that is now being integrated  into the future physical  expression of your path.  Accept the gifts that are now being offered. Energise only that which you would truly wish to receive.

I resonate in harmony with the abundance that surrounds me.  I am supported by the stability  of my own construction. Dedication to manifestation  empowers me.

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