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Butterfly & Sea Essences

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What are Erik's Essences?

In Erik's words: "These essences are pure Love from Divine Mother and Divine Father. They are energized directly by each Being in the Hierarchy of Light, who is responsible for that particular energy within Creation.

They contain pure life energy at it’s optimal potency in an Essence form, in the case of the Butterfly and Sea Essences. In the case of the Dolphin, Whale and Sea Mammal essences they contain the ‘being energies’ of male and female pairs of actual sea mammals in our world. They are here for us to live our lives with the greatest degree of well-being and quality in this great adventure of Eternal Life that we are in."

The Butterfly Essences are Divine Colour energies at their original resonance, and they have the power to transform many aspects of our lives to greater quality and well-being.

They are a Gift from the Divine, as they are actually the Light/Colour frequencies of Cosmic Energy from the Divine Planes and are part of the life energies coming to us from the Sun. Each Butterfly Essence is an individual Colour Ray held in a potent form in pure water, preserved with some brandy.

They actually enliven our whole aura with colour but at the highest frequencies of colour. They are concentrated forms of single colour energies have specific properties and are able to achieve specific things in terms of healing, evolution and transformation.   They are very uplifting and transformative in their effects, and each one acts like a key to unlock and uplift a different part of what we are. We are Light Beings composed of all these Rays, so a Butterfly Essence is the most natural energy to take into your Being and bring real wellbeing, joy and quality to our lives.

They are the Divine Colour energies channeled by Butterflies but they are NOT made from butterflies - they are actually energized by Colour Beings from the Sun, who normally send these energies to us through butterflies and sunlight. So we need not be concerned by cruelty to butterflies or biodegradibility, because these essences can remain fresh and potent for years if stored well. A few sprays or drops per day can positively bring transformation to us in many many ways, as well as act as major tools for our personal evolution.

The Sea Essences help and harmonize many levels of relationships with others pic of Sea Essenceas well as in ourselves, and connect with sea creatures.

Sea Essences are a vital part of our world, and are key energies for harmonizing and helping relationships. They also act on difficult past life events and bring them to wholeness and harmony, and they are the most comprehensive tools to do this. When we look at the quality of life that we experience day by day, most of the time it is the quality and wellbeing of our relationships that is most important to us.

Like the seas and oceans which connect everything, sea essences connect everything and everyone, and bring about the harmonious and happy functioning of our relationships. They also impact on our personal being very positively, as relationship harmony and personal harmony are very interlinked. Their properties go well beyond the human sphere as they can help all aspects of our world, including animals, plants and even "Gaia" the Earth being herself.

pic of Baiji Dolphin EssenceThe Whale, Dolphin and Sea Mammal Essences are great supportive energies to help us in many, many ways and they are key energies to blend and utilize all other essences. These essences are "Master Energies"  in our world to support us in our lives, as well as blend and integrate the actions of all essences to work together optimally, for each person's unique life situation. The dolphins.are the ' Love Beings' of these two, supporting us in a most practical and loving way, and they align with the feminine side of life. The whales are the 'Power Beings' supporting us in a most energetic, strenghtening and direct way, and align with the masculine side of life.

The Combination Essences are skilfully blended mixtures pic of Combination Essence Happy Optimistof all these essences to help common areas of need in our lives. These Essences are for those who need essences for a particular reason quickly, and in a very convenient form. They were years in the planning but came about only when all the Dolphin and Whale Essences came through - this is because the key to the effectiveness of these combinations is having the right dolphin and whale essences in that combination. The dolphins and whales perfectly integrate and synergize all the other essences together, to work together in a more focussed and powerful way. These Combination Essences are available in our webshop and also in-store, with specific information for each one.

pic of Goddess Elixir KayaThe Goddess Elixirs are a new range initiated by the Goddesses of the Divine Planes  for all humanity, to help us through the challenging  times by supporting us with their love and care. For the first time in modern times the power of love is rising through the feminine elements of life, propelled by the energies of Heaven as they connect with and uplift the energies of Earth. To support this, our female Divinities are giving us their Being energy with particular Celestial Angel energies  along with our Sea and Butterfly energies in these elixirs.

There will eventually be seven Goddess Elixirs in the series. In some cases their names are given in the Japanese forms and in other cases by the Solar and Divine names given to Erik by them directly. Each Goddess Elixir is composed of defined colour  vibrational frequencies, fragrance and the divine energies of each goddess. More information about each individual Goddess Elixir is available in the webshop.

Who is Erik Pelham and how did Erik's Essences come into being ?

image of Erik Pelham

Erik is the 4th of 7 children born in India in 1954. He was aware of God and the Spiritual world from a very early age, but a life-threatening accident at the age of 5 was a major turning point and brought with it a deep understanding that God had a particular purpose for him.

From that time he had an inner passion to show the world what God was really like, not the distorted image that many people have, and he found God in colour and life energy most of all. This stayed with him and after schooling in England he went on to university to study Environmental Sciences and at the same time headed up the Photographic Society. So after university it was a natural progression to begin work as a professional photographer specialising in lighting in interiors and colour work which he did for 16 and a half years.

After that he worked as Lab Manager for Aura-Soma Products for almost 20 years. Working for Aura-Soma Products was an incredible experience, giving him the opportunity to work with many many Light Beings in order to put higher energies into different products. It was a wonderful time of working, meeting people, teaching and energising the products. During this time he was constantly guided by Spirit and following this guidance he created the Sea & Butterfly Essences. The first Sea Essences were created in 1994 followed by the Butterfly Essences 2 years later. The Dolphin and Whale essences began just after Christmas 2005, when the Highest Divine Being asked him to bring through 14 whale and 14 dolphin essences. The process was very slow and it took 7 years to bring through the 28 essences.

The Combination Essences came and developed in 2012 during a lot of teaching in Europe and they are the newest essences. Finally there should be more Combination Essences, and a total of 168 Butterfly, Sea, Whale and Dolphin Essences.

Erik is quick to emphasise that the Essences are not his creation, but they are made directly by the Beings in the Spiritual world who normally channel that energy into the world. He acts as a kind of 'link pin' or facilitator for them to make their essences. The whole process is very subtle, refined and beautiful, So decisions as to which essences are made, and how and when that happens are not his - he "just follows guidance."

"This is all the work of Divine Mother and Her special Love for all Beings. I dedicate all my work to Her." Erik Pelham

In 2014 Erik started his own business called Erik's Essences. More information about Erik and his essences can be found at

Try them for yourself:

All of the Butterfly, Sea, Dolphin, Whale and Combination Essences and Goddess Elixirs  are available through our webshop and in-store.

You may also book a private  30 minute consultation to have a unique special blend of essences selected for you to target specific issues and priorities.  Please contact us by phone 99679415 or email to schedule an appointment with Robyn who has completed the Sea & Butterfly Level 1 & 2 Practitioner Training courses.




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