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Angels are Divine Beings of Light, given to humanity by The Creator to assist us in many, many ways.  We all picture of angel playing flute statuehave our own personal guardian angels assigned to us at the time of our conception who never leave our side. They are always there offering guidance and support and intervening on our behalf in times of need when we remember to ask - and that's so important to remember - they cannot by Divine law interfere in our lives, they can only step forward when we call on them, otherwise they would not be honouring our free will and after all, Earth is the planet of free will.   The only time they can rush to our aid without our invitation is in time of extreme emergency when our lives are threatened and it is not our contracted time to cross over. 

However, the wonderful thing is, angels love to help and they can help in so many ways, often in ways that we never considered so it's good to get in the habit of talking to them regularly.  Our guardian angels help us to feel safe and comfort us when we are afraid or anxious, they help us to find people or information which will be of benefit to us and they even help us to shop and get the best deal or the unique item that is perfect for us if we ask them to!  So the lesson is, never be afraid to ask, because they love to help and nothing is too small or too large for them to handle.

Aside from our guardian angels there are groups of angels who work in specific areas such as:

Romance angels who help us to find our true love, often nudging us to go to a certain place, especially somewhere where we don't usually go, or orchestrating "coincidences" where we just happen to bump into someone, in fact this is not a "coincidence" but rather Divine synchronicity.

Healing angels who help us or a loved one in a time of need. They can bring us comfort and serenity when we are stressed and worried. They can infuse our bodies with healing energies - to reduce pain, to lift depression and anxiety, to give us strength and courage to get through tough times.  They can also help us find a healing solution - guiding us to the perfect crystal, the right vitamin or food or the ideal professional who can help us the most.

We have a fabulous range of angel products in our store from statues for your home and garden, decorative ornaments, tiny angels to carry in your pocket, greeting cards with beautiful images of angels, quality art prints of angels to adorn your home or healing room, a wide range of books, CD's of angel music and meditations,  oracle cards from Doreen Virtue and Toni Carmine Salerno and many other inspirational products to bring joy and hope into your life. Why not visit our online store to see some of them. (Just click here)









Heavenly Energies is a new age shop specialising in inspirational angel products. It is located at 499 Willoughby Rd, Willoughby which is an easy bus ride from Chatswood, Crows Nest,  North Sydney or the city, there is also convenient on-street parking and free council carparks nearby.  We invite you to come and experience the heavenly energy in our store.
Willoughby is close to Chatswood, Crows Nest, Northbridge, North Sydney,  Artarmon, Lane Cove, Roseville and Lindfield.

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